Fishing Boat at The Peak

WWater is my therapy, it just makes everything feel right. 

This time Rick and I were preparing to do our first official deep dive in Sydney. Our goal, a 75m exploration dive at The Peak, an offshore reef out of Sydney, as part of a Project Baseline/ GUE project.

This would be the first time Rick and I would be reaching those depths after our Tech 2 course in New Zealand this year (read that blog here if you want to find out what a Tech 2 dive means). Teams were John and Huw and Rick and myself.

We met at the marina at 6:30 for a 7:00am departure. After lugging all of our gear onto the boat our skipper took us on a 30 minute boat trip to our destination; The Peak. To describe this dive as a big, large wall is a massive understatement. It's a large scar on the bottom of the ocean with gargantuan blocks of rock that extends for kilometres, direction North to South. The top of the wall starts at around 60m and then drops to 90m, most of it is unexplored so these observations are just approximate numbers. What I can vouch for is that you will not be disappointed. The whole bottom is completely covered in all types of soft coral and sponges, every imaginable colour is brought to life by our lights; violet, orange, blue, yellow, red, pink. The colour palette is unimaginable and the coral and sponges seem to be thriving down there. It looks like a very healthy reef.

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