About Us

VVanessa was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and it was not until her mid twenties that she started diving. Vanessa and her twin sister have always had a passion for drawing since they were kids and they could submerge themselves for hours in this task. As an adult, once she finished her degree in Fine Arts she became a dive instructor and decided that it was time to travel the world. One of her jobs as a dive instructor landed her in Dominican Republic but it was not until she moved to Mexico and met her partner Rick that she took diving more seriously and was introduced to Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). In 2009 they moved to the liveaboard industry in Egypt and were exposed to divers with incredible camera set ups producing breathtaking shots of the Red Sea. They moved to Australia and Vanessa bought her first camera set up, no strobe and just a basic housing. Between teaching and diving for pleasure she got more and more into photography. She considers herself a self taught amateur underwater photographer and in 2016 she upgraded her camera to an Olympus OMD Em-5 MKII, Nauticam housing and a pair of Inon Z240 strobes. She shoots both macro and wide angle photos but she has fallen madly in love with the latter, which can be quite tricky in Sydney, where she currently resides. Vanessa has continued her diving education with GUE and became a Tech 2 diver; this has allowed her to explore the hidden deeper jewels which surround all of us. She is absolutely passionate about the marine environment, exploration and conservation and she takes every opportunity she can to dive or to lose herself in her marine watercolours. She wants to bring you all closer to what she considers the most beautiful hidden garden in the world; the underwater world. You can follow her adventures through Instagram at risingtidelab or on Facebook.

RRick became certified as a diver in his home country, Canada, after returning from a trip to Mexico. Rick became an instructor shortly after gaining his open water certification and started travelling. Becoming an instructor has allowed Rick to see and experience many amazing things above and below the surface in countries around the world! He met Vanessa while working in Mexico in 2008 and since then they have been able to share their passion and many of their experiences together. Starting off shooting video with a GoPro underwater sparked an interest in photography and videography with a passion for wide angle. Getting involved in technical diving has opened up doors to seeing things possibly never seen by another diver before. Photography allows bringing a little piece back for others to experience.